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Kelley Dickinson
Instruments: Lead Vocals, Percussion
Band Nickname: Kitten    (I don't know, what do you guys call me when I'm not around? Wait, don't tell me......)
City Of Birth: Austin
Sign: Scorpio
Musical Inspiration: Chrissie Hynde, Annie Lennox,The Fixx, the B-52's, ABC, INXS,  Prince, Fleetwod Mac, The Beatles, Spinal Tap (they go all the way up to '11'), Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow (that's right, I said it), the Carpenters, I could really go on and on here.......
Fav 80's Bands: The Pretenders, the Eurythmics, Oingo Boingo, ABC, The Fixx, Menudo (not!), the B-52's, Fear, (never mind the bollocks, here come the)Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello, so many (sigh).
Fav 80's TV Show: PeeWee's Playhouse
Fav 80's Movie: The Color Purple/Caddyshack  (highbrow/lowbrow, baby!)
Fav 80 Year Old Person: My Nikima  
If You Could Be Any Animal... Kitten, of course.  Wait! Wait!  A Liger!
First Job In The Biz: Full Sail, an awesome Daytona Beach band
Turn On's: Chocolate, kittens, a well-built campfire, Godzilla, kilts
Turn Off's: Mean people, road rage, peas, swimming in bodies of water that I can't see through, haggis
Special Skills: Ninja skills, computer hacking skills, kitten-kissing skills, crazy-yummy scone making skills

"Judgy Wudgy was a bear....."


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